Hello to everyone! I know I have not wrote on this thing for like 1.5 months now, and I apologize but man have I been busy. So X-Mas break was hella fun. Worked a lot, spent a lot of time with the family and friends. Did some ice fishing ( ROCK ON ), was unable to go skiing tho... not enough time. I had a wonderful Christmas. Played my Flute at church... dont think i'd played my flute since the last Christmas mass a year before that. haha! Lets see, got a bunch of fun stuff. A huge pots and pans set, cutlery set, and a utensil set. Couple books and cd's, some perfume, clothes. Ya know how it goes.

Now I'm back in Galveston, and I'm living in a house!! Yes, you heard me correctly i have a FUCKING HOUSE NOW! And it kicks ass Royally! Corey moved in with me, so its him and I in this huge house that we really dont know what to do with. Him and I purchased a brand new Kegerator as well. So the Beer is always on tap when you come to visit. Corey decided to buy a grill one day too, so now we've been enjoying that. Steaks and what not. Lastnight Lauren and Lindsey, Corey and I made a huge dinner. Filets, mashed potatoes, garlic cheesy bread, and BEER! Holy shit was it good. And then we attempted to watch The Grudge. And it was probably the worst movie i've seen in a long time. The 2 girls fell asleep, and I was like.. oh my god, they actually made this in to a movie.. and I here I thought I was going to get to see a good scary movie. HA.. yeah right.

Oh, and I now have my car down here with me. I love it to death. I think I can finally call Galveston my home. Lovin it!!!

Lauren and Lindsey are 2 wonderful girls, and man do we know how to have fun. It's the last weekend of Mardi Gras this weekend, and it is going to be hella crazy!! Last weekend was crazy, I hate to see what this weekend is going to bring. MAN! Just remember girls who gets my bed! :)

Umm.. I think thats about it for now, I'll update some more after this weekends craziness. Should be tons o' fun! IM STOKED! Lovin you!