So long...

So I haven't updated this in a long time... I appologize. I did fly home last month to see the little bro play football in the State Tourney. Although they lost they are still 2nd in the state, and it was so good to see him play. At least he still has one more year left in High School, so hopefully I'll be able to see him play again next year. Being with all my friends at their University was BAD ASS! I stayed with my parents Thursday night in the hotel, and they left to go home on Friday after the game. But I just stayed in Madison with all my friends. I stayed with Kimberly Friday and Saturday nights. Wow... I'm never going to complain about the dorms we have here. Her dorm is about the size of our bathrooms. It was insane! I was so claustrophobic it was pathetic. But at least it looked cute I guess. haha Kimberly. And her roomate is very nice and sweet... and didn't really care when we came back to the room drunk off our asses haha... Friday night Casey had a party at her place. Her apartment is very nice. I liked it a lot. Ok... so i was really drunk that night. No puking tho, so thats very good. But I totally had 8 glasses of wine and 5 shots. Never have been drunk off wine, kind of a fun thing cause when you play drinking games with wine, you get drunk really fast. haha

So then Saturday night we went to Kimberly's friend Jake's house. Totally gay... funny kid! Kimberly got drunk by playing the all-time favorite game 8's! Gotta love it Passint! Liz (her best friend) is such a character.. shes a fun girl. And hope they can come see me during their Spring Break. Cuase that would be hella fun!

Alright... so now for some recent news. This past week... i've been drunk Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. CRAZY! monday was with Lauren and Lindsey at Stork's and then to some Corps guys apartment to play some drinking games. Which I lost, and would explain why i was so fucked up. I puked the whole way home... thank god we just walked there since it was like 3 blocks from the Loft. I guess I was pretty funny tho... so thats always a good thing. Then on Tuesday was the "End of the Semester Party" out at the Levy. I showed off let me tell you. Did 4 beer bongs... and it was damn sweet. My dad would be proud. I actually think I called him and told him, which is even more funny. Didn't puke this night, so thats good. Corey then came over at like 3 when I got home and we watched a movie and fell asleep. I'm glad he's here when I'm drunk. haha. Thanks fishy!

Well Wednesday night it was my turn to take care of him. I just had 2 drinks at the bar. WHICH I TOTALLY GOT INTO! I told them my liscense was revoked, so.. I dind't have an ID. haha... Corey laughed his ass off. It was a good time. It was for Cricket's 21st b-day.. so it was fun. Corey was SMASHED, which is always a funny thing to see. Then him and I hit up Whataburger. Very interesting... then finally went and crashed at his house.

My suitemate Vanessa colored me a picture of a cheese block since I'm from Wisconsin. I hung it up by my desk. Its a beautiful piece of work Ness. Way to Go!

I had my first final this morning which blew ass. I HATE CALCULUS! I went and cried to my prof this morning tho before the exam pleading him to pass me while I was crying. So I hope to god it worked, or things will not look good. So the remainder of the night will be spent studying for Chemistry until Corey gets off work at 12:30, then off to a party. :) The rest of the weekend will be spent studying as well. My last 2 finals are both on Monday, and then I AM DONE! Gosh, can't wait. Suzanne has a finals up until Wednesday, so we can't leave to drive back to Kansas until Thursday, and then I fly out of Kansas on Saturday. Very excited for both. It will be a good time. Can't wait to be in the damn snow. Been too long!

Well... have a wonderful night/weekend. Good luck with Studying and all of the finals! May Peace be with yall! Chunk Deuce! (Thats for Lauren)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He He HE I got my name in I got my name in... I love my suitemate enjoy the cheese. love Ness

December 10, 2004 at 4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo yo you girlie! Lots of love from the hood! Love you! CHUNK DEUCE!

December 10, 2004 at 4:42 PM  
Blogger Abby said...

Thanks for the comments!!! Love you!

December 10, 2004 at 7:42 PM  

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