So it rained today. The rain makes me want to stay inside all day, and watch movies. But I can't do that on Mondays because I have 5 classes. Which sucks ass, but oh well.

I fly to Madison on Thursday!!! I'm super excited, and can't wait to see Derek play in the State Football Tourney! And to see all my friends and family. So I get into Mad-Town at 4 on Thursday, and I'll stay with my parents in the hotel room Thursday night, and then my parents are leaving sometime Friday night to go back to Rice Lake because Saturday is the Hunting Opener, and we all know that that is a big thing! So Friday and Saturday will be spent partying it up in Madison with all my friends. Not quite sure where I'm staying yet. Maybe one night with Kimberly, and the other with Casey? Who knows. All I know is that everyone is stoked I'm coming into town, along with me! And I'm very excited I get to watch Derek play. Cause I hear he's pretty damn amazing to watch. So it will be a good weekend, I can feel it already.

Happy 21st Birthday to Corey today! Love you Fishy!

Tomorrow is the Metallica Concert that I've been waiting for since I bought the tickets in July! It's Corey's birthday present from me, so I hope it will go as planned. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm a little nervous about Godsmack opening up, I'm not really into the whole Head banging type of music they play... but it will be interesting.

Tonight will be the first night I've slept in my dorm room since Wednesday of last week. Crazy huh. It'll be nice to curl up to all of my pillows. :)

College Station was a huge success this past weekend. Way to beat the hell out of texas tech!! Damn good weekend. Many memories. I hope to finish up a camera in Madison this weekend, and then I'll figure out how to post pictures on my website, so yall can see.

Alright, i'm gonna make it up into bed now. Nighty Night!



So I appologize that I haven't wrote FOREVER!! I've been kinda busy... kinda just lazy I guess. I've been spending a lot of time with some new girls. Lindsey and Lauren. And let me tell you, I'm so glad that I've been able to be spending more time with these fun girls! I have a BLAST with them. Lastnight after class, I went over to their loft and for some reason we just decided to start playing a drinking game. Well, we all got drunk. And then Corey came and picked us up, and we went to a movie. DON'T go see "Birth" the new Nicole Kidman flick. It is TERRIBLE! If you've seen the previews for the movie, that is the movie. I'm not joking... its absolutely terrible. A waste of my money. I fell asleep in it. Or... maybe I passed out.. haha one or the other.

A&M almost beat OU last weekend. It was an amazing game. And I had SO MUCH fun! Although I lost my voice, and it is still not completely back. This weekend is the last home game vs. Texas Tech. Its a big game! We are both 6-3. It should be a damn good game, and I'm excited for it. Me, Corey, Lindsey, Lauren, Al, Suzanne, Ty, and Ash. So it should be a good time. Let's just hope that it all goes well.

I could be flying home a week from today! If Derek wins on Saturday then the team makes it to state!!! And I get to fly home for it. So lets all pray that he wins, cause I would really like to go home for a couple of days. I miss it up there. One more month to go until break tho.... so that is a good thing.

Classes have been rough lately. Calculus is always a bitch. And Chemistry is starting to get a little confusing. I just have to start studying more.

Well enough for now... i'll try to be better about updating this! Gig Em'