well lets see... its 8:36 am.... on Sunday. And I haven't gone to bed. well actually.... I passed out for about 3 hours. I passed out at a party lastnight and Travis told me he was never ever going to go to another party that I was at again if I didnt wake up. haha. And now.. i'm just wide awake. And Suzanne and Al are making out in bed. I'm sitting here on my computer "clicking" away, trying to piss them off. But they just keep laughing at me.

The Aggies beat the hell outta Iowa State yesterday. 34-3. Gig Em'
Wisconsin knocked off Ohio State 24-13. I am so excited about that.
But Minnesota lost to Michigan, so thats no good. But t.u. got beat by OU 12-0. . First time they've been shutout since 1980.

So Al and Suzanne are still making out in bed. They're pretty loud kissers. Thats alright tho, next time I have a boy in my bed, I'm going to kiss loud too.... so then she knows what it feels like. :)

Today will be spent doing Chemistry Lab homework. Cause I got a lot of it. And I'll probably finish up my project for Health and Fitness.
Ok.. well I'm goign to go watch a movie now. Bye for now.


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