Fucked up...

God did I get fucked up lastnight. Good lord! First went out to eat with Corey, then to Ford's house. Annoying little freshman girls were killing me, so I hardly spent anytime inside the house, but it was a good time. I was drunk. Had my first shot of straight Tequila (well in the United States) that was fun. Came home at 2:30, and then I decided to go to Ty and Doba's and had some fun times with them until 4:30. Thanks guys!

But today I feel like shit.... I had to go to Chemistry at 9, and i realy think i was still impaired. and then I went back to bed, and woke up finally at 3.

Ohh... lastnight I had straight hair. Suzanne is the bestest roomate ever, she spent an hour and a half making me look good. A lot of people didn't recognize me, but when they figured it out.. they thought it was sweet. So thats good. I dont know tho, I dont feel like myself when i have straight hair, but a change is good once in awhile. Back to curly today, after I finally decided to crawl out of bed and take a shower and actually get ready.

Aggies vs. Kansas State tomorrow 6 pm TBS. And it is Nationally Broadcasted so I will be expecting all you Wisconsinites to be watching the game! We're leaving tomorrow morning for the game, and then come back the same night to hit up the birthday parties going on. It's gonna be a really fun weekend. Well, I think I still need to go lay down for awhile. Jot more over the weekend! Deuce!


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