What a great day...

So... WOW the weekend has past us up again. But at least this past weekend was one to never ever forget. Drunk thursday, friday, and saturday. Learned a couple new tricks with Doba, Ty, and Corey on Thursday. That was fun as hell. Friday woke up with some hesitation went to Chemistry class took a quiz, then to Calculus to take my first exam. That will be interesting to see what I made on that thing. Friday night = getting drunk at Clark's house. Clark, Kyle (Clark's friend from Austin), Suzanne, Corey and I. This night was the most drunk night of the weekend. And then I crashed at Corey's house that night. Talked to my good friend Kimberly up in Wisconsin for like 20 minutes while drunk, that was interesting. Didn't wake up until 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Then went back home, and watched TV until 7, when I finally decided to get ready, and do it all over again. Saturday night = Pinkston's 21's Birthday Party at Lindsey and Lauren's loft. Wow... tight as hell!!! Got the party started a little early tho with Ty and Doba. Made it to the party, had some really good drinks, and really good Miller Lite from the keg, did 2 shots of the Shot Block ( Big Ice block, with an engraved zig zag line for the shot to come down through) TONS O' FUN! Then Suzanne and Clark came and picked me up for the party... I guess they missed me tons, and wanted me at Clark's house to drink some more with them. I'm so loved!!! So.. drank some more with them. And then proceeded to think that i could smoke a Magnolia Tree leaf. HAHAHAH!!! Wow was I a little impaired. Magnolia Leaves = not that good. Then woke up today at 1. Studied for my History Exam that I have tomorrow, and did my pre-lab for Chemistry Lab. Tomorrow = the bitch day with 6 classes. But it wont be that bad I dont think. Well... time to go get the laundry out of the dryer.... I hadn't done laundry in like a week and a half, it'll be nice to have some clean clothes again. Have a wonderful week. Congrats to the Wisconsin Badgers who improve their record to 4-0! Aggies had the week off, but will beat the hell outta Kansas State this upcoming Saturday!


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