So My brother had Laser Eye Surgery today to fix the holes in his retina, and the little tears. He said he never wants it done again... very uncomfortable for him anyway... by the time I'm 30 I will hope to get the eye surgery so I dont have to wear my contacts ever again.

Anyway... he has another appt, Monday to see if everything went as it was supposed to, so until then he can't tackle in practice. Can only do the drills and conditioning. Then Monday he hopes to get fully released. So good news all around.

My parents bought a new car today. Cause of Derek smashing the other one. They really wanted a truck, but decided to go with the Toyota Camery. Its nice... 2005, fully decked out. Hopefully I'll get to play around in it a little bit before I go back down to school.

Well... I'm gonna run for now. Have a good one.


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