So..... I'm back in Texas. But first I flew to Wichita, Kansas to be with Suzanne. It was a very fun filled couple of days. I flew in on Wednesday, and then we partied with her friends. It was fun. Met a guy. Fucked around with him. (not literally, but close). Anyway...
Left for Texas on Friday morning at 4 am. Got to Galveston at about 3:30. Long day of driving, but a very fun road trip. And being roomies is awesome.

So... it was my birthday last monday. I'm old now. The big 20, sounds a lot different then 19.

Umm... I had 5 classes yesterday. Mondays are a bitch, but went alright. It should go ok.

Corey has his own place for this year off campus. So him and I "christened" the place lastnight by getting a little tipsy. Drank some Jack, Beer, and Jag bombs. What a combo! And then tried to go rent the Chapelle Show, but no one fucking had it. So.... we just went back and chilled and talked like always. And his truck his fun. Purple, but fun. And it's loud, and a girl COULD have a screaming orgasm.... but none here.

Anyway.... i'm off to go eat some lunch. Shout out to all you Wisconsinites. Love ya!


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