Almost Done!


So only 2 more more days left of work. I'm very excited, but also sad. I work in a very wonderful environment, and it will be hard to say good-bye this time around. I've grown close to a lot of my co-workers, but I'll be back to work for a month in December. It kinda sucks knowing that I'm being replaced tho. Two new people are starting next week. At least I know I'll have my job back. So thats always a good thing.

I leave on Tuesday night from Rice Lake, and fly to Kansas on Wednesday to meet Suzanne. Then I'll be driving to Texas with her. Why should anyone have to drive that far themselves. So, I'm such a great friend and told her I'd just fly to her. :) Plus it will be nice to meet all the wonderful people that she has met this summer. Then we'll move in on Friday! So excited!!!

My birthday is in 4 days. Being 20, really doesn't get me anything, except one more year of not being illegal. haha. Happy Birthday to my co-worker Brandon who turned 19. Happy Birthday Dude. Which girl gave ya that lap dance tonight??

My parents keep asking me what I want for my birthday. i dont know what to tell them. Any ideas people?

I'm going to the Metallica Concert in Houston in November with Corey. That should be a hell of a lot of fun. Tickets came in the mail today. Rock On! Love ya Fish Man!

Tonight I made my Fantasy Football Leauge. And I'm going to win. I picked some damn good players, and hopefully I'll get first round pick in the draft. Sorry Steven, but I'm gonna kick your ass.

Well, I'm going to go watch some Olympics. God Michael Phelps is so fucking hot.


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