So today was an ok day. I still feel like shit, but didn't have to work until 2. So I got to sleep in. Then I went into work and they tell me that I have too many hours for this week, so that I can have the day off to shorten them up! So I was really excited about that. So then I went and said Hi to my Mommy at work, and she told me I should just go to the doctor. So I finally gave in, and went in to the doctor. And they ran a bunch of tests, and took a blood sample. And since its Friday the damn results to all of them wont get done until Monday.. so I wont know whats wrong with me until then. So I guess I get to be babied for a few more days by the rents. haha

Tonight Kimberly and I took this girl named Lisa out to dinner. She goes to the University of Florida, but her dad just accepted the job as President of WITC ( the technical school here in WI) so shes up here visiting.. and checking out where her parents will be living now. Anyway... shes a fun girl, so I invited her to come with Kimberly Bengt, and I to the airport on wednesday to pick up Corey, then to the Mall of America (since shes never done that), and then on to some Casinos. So it should be a lot of fun. It was good to hear an accent again. haha

Well I need to get to sleep. Gotta work at 6 in the morn. Sweet Dreams!


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