So I appologize for not writing for awhile. I'm so so busy with work at Kwik Trip, then at work selling strawberries on my days off from Kwik Trip (which have been a total of 4 in the last 2.5 weeks). I wish I could get more hours w/ berries, BUT.... money is better at Kwik Trip so I better not complain. Although who doesn't enjoy sitting on their ass in the sun doing nothing but taking money from people who come by berries. So.. oh well.

So... 4th of July was a big hit. Me, and 5 guys. Bengt, Greg, Prohovnik, Lancette, and Hanvelt. Wow.. pretty interesting. THe family was gone all weekend until MOnday so Sunday... Drinks at my house. And we took advantage. was damn fun. Jag Bombs, and THE BEAST! (aka Milwaukee's Best Light 30 Pack)

Learned a new drinking card game, so thats good.

Corey comes a week from tomorrow! Yay!


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