Ok.... So where do I even begin??  Corey came in on Wednesday July 14.  Kimberly, Bengt and I went to pick him up from the airport, then we went to the Mall of America.  Then went to the Grand Opening of Ikea across from the mall.  DAMN FUN!  Then went to Mystic Lake Casino, and tried our luck there.  I did good and won 240 nickels, which turns out to be $12.00.  So then we went home and woke up Thursday morning, and just kinda bummed around town, and showed him stuff.  Like the Strawberry Patch (visited Kimberly and Kerri while they were working), showed him what I do, and my gas station.  Good ol' Kwik Trip.  Thursday evening/night was my big party.  Dinner was at 7.  Bout 120 beers were consumed.  Good shit.  Lisa, the girl from Florida who was up here visiting her parents, also joined us, so my friends were able to meet her.  Adam Prohovnik had fun with her, as did she have fun with him I think.  So its nice to know that she'll be up here for Christmas and stuff like that.   So Thursday no one went to bed pretty much.... Friday was spent hanging out around RL again.  Friday night went to The Bar for a burger, then to Greg's for a bon fire.  Then Kimberlys house for Strawberry Shortcake, and Passint bars.  And Corey got to meet the Passint Family.  May even hook up Nick with a job in Salt Lake City.  That'd be neato! 
Ok.. Saturday.  Went to our church festival thingy, and had free hot dogs, and pie.  Then went up to Hinkley to the Casino there to win money there.  I won 340 nickels this time.... but my grand winnings was $22.10.  until I went and played black jack and lost it all.  Bengt was down $40, then came back to win $90, so he made $50 for the night. YAY for my math skillS~!! Corey won $60 i think.  Kerri won a -6.00    Oh.. Kimberly on Wednesday won a -25.00  Oh well, happens I guess.   Ok... so now its Saturday night, and we come home and attempt to watch Top Gun but were too tired.  so watched like 20 minutes of it.  Oh yeah.. at the Party on thursday everyone spent the night.... fun stuff!
So.. now its Sunday.  BIG ROCK FEST DAY!!!  Went out to Maxines for breakfast at 10am.  Then drove to Cadott, Wisconsin  Town of 500 or so people.  Made for music festivals.  Rock Fest... 13,000 people Sunday.  Anyway, got there around 12.... and sat around the Suburban drinking beer until 5 when we finally went inside the gates. Greg, Bengt, Steve, Corey, Kimberly and I.  Kimberly was DD for the day, so us 5 consumed 63 beers all together.  You have no idea how smashed I was.   I remember seeing Styx perform "Come Sail Away" and that was it.  I remember NOTHING from REO Speedwagon.  And I remember one song from John Fogerty.  I puked twice so I was informed, and passed out for 95% of the day.  I guess they dressed me up in a fry hat put a gum wrapper in my mouth like a cigar, and titled my sunglasses off my head.  I guess random people wanted to take pics with me "the passed out chick at Rock Fest"  I dont know if the actually did, but they tempted to.  I was sooo hammered... WOW!! It was just insane.  I wish I could remember it a little better, but oh well.  Just ask any of them how drunk I was.... they will tell you.   I guess I ran into my mom's boss and his gf.  He then told my mom how piss ass drunk I was at work on Monday.  So when I saw my mom on Monday when she came with us to the airport she informed that she knew I was drunk, and then preceded to laugh hysterically.  Good ol' Mommy.    I dont remember seeing my mom's Boss. 

So... we made it home just fine on Sunday night around 1-ish.  I immediatley went to bed.  I dont even think I said Good night to Corey.  I felt like SHIT!  But obbvioulsy went straight to sleepy.  Woek up on Sunday, and got ready.  And left for the airport around 130.  Got some lunch at subway, got 3 miles away from the airport and my car broke.  Thank god my mom was with me (and driving) or I wouldn't have known what to do.   3 MILES FROM THE AIRPORT.  SO an airport van drove by and picked up Corey and I to take to the airport.  While my mom and brother stayed at my car.  Corey got back to Utah just fine.  The tow truck came, and brought my mom and bro to the airport where I was, and then my grandparents came and picked us up. (they live about half hour away)  Then the tow truck towed my car to my aunts work ( a Car dealership about a half hour away as well)  where we then found out that there was 1,200 worth of damage.  The ball joint thingy or something like that busted completely making my car totally un-driveable.  So.... my aunt gave us her car to drive back to RL with  and she just took a company vehicle since she works for them.  They fixed my car today (tuesday) and my mommy went and picked it up today.  So now brand new car pretty much.  And they tell us that it is as good as new.  Nothing will go wrong with it for a very long time.  So thats good to know.
Corey got home to Salt Lake just fine.  Everyone here misses him.  My friends loved him to death, as do I.... and so many great memories were created. kImberly and Bengt really want to come down for the OU game on Nov. 6th.... so hopefully that will happen.  Anyway, thanks for reading the 5 days of Abby's vacation.... I had to go back to work today.... Sucked, but oh well.  Back to the groove of things.  Sweet Dreams!


Work sucked today. 10-7. Such a long shift. And so slow today. UGH! And now I have a headache, and I'm about ready to go to sleep, and then I have to work 7-4 in Barron tomorrow. Another long day, but will hopefully be busy, and will go fast.

Corey comes on Wednesday!


So today was an ok day. I still feel like shit, but didn't have to work until 2. So I got to sleep in. Then I went into work and they tell me that I have too many hours for this week, so that I can have the day off to shorten them up! So I was really excited about that. So then I went and said Hi to my Mommy at work, and she told me I should just go to the doctor. So I finally gave in, and went in to the doctor. And they ran a bunch of tests, and took a blood sample. And since its Friday the damn results to all of them wont get done until Monday.. so I wont know whats wrong with me until then. So I guess I get to be babied for a few more days by the rents. haha

Tonight Kimberly and I took this girl named Lisa out to dinner. She goes to the University of Florida, but her dad just accepted the job as President of WITC ( the technical school here in WI) so shes up here visiting.. and checking out where her parents will be living now. Anyway... shes a fun girl, so I invited her to come with Kimberly Bengt, and I to the airport on wednesday to pick up Corey, then to the Mall of America (since shes never done that), and then on to some Casinos. So it should be a lot of fun. It was good to hear an accent again. haha

Well I need to get to sleep. Gotta work at 6 in the morn. Sweet Dreams!


So I appologize for not writing for awhile. I'm so so busy with work at Kwik Trip, then at work selling strawberries on my days off from Kwik Trip (which have been a total of 4 in the last 2.5 weeks). I wish I could get more hours w/ berries, BUT.... money is better at Kwik Trip so I better not complain. Although who doesn't enjoy sitting on their ass in the sun doing nothing but taking money from people who come by berries. So.. oh well.

So... 4th of July was a big hit. Me, and 5 guys. Bengt, Greg, Prohovnik, Lancette, and Hanvelt. Wow.. pretty interesting. THe family was gone all weekend until MOnday so Sunday... Drinks at my house. And we took advantage. was damn fun. Jag Bombs, and THE BEAST! (aka Milwaukee's Best Light 30 Pack)

Learned a new drinking card game, so thats good.

Corey comes a week from tomorrow! Yay!