So... I haven't got a day off of work in 8 days. Oh my god, and I'm feeling it. I'm so sick right now its terrible. Cold, Sore Throat, Cough, Runny Nose. The whole bit. UGH! And then having to go to work the last 2 days at 6 am hasn't helped. I'm just dead tired. And tomorrow thank god is my last day of the long stretch of work, and then i have 3 days off where I can relax and sell some strawberries. Good Lord I tell ya. But tomorrow its back to work in Barron from 1-10. Oh my goodness, I hate that shift with a passion. It just better go damn fast, or I'm going to be one pissed off girl.

Monday I have to go to the Dentist at 11, so i really dont even get to sleep in. Oh well.

We had a little BBQ here tonight at the house with some friends of ours, drank some beer and ate some brats. Pretty good. Thanks Dad! Then we lit some fireworks. Word to the wise, Dont light firecrackers in your hand, and not throw them quickly. Lets just say I held on to mine a little too long before they went off. Got some burns on my hands, like I never have burns on my hands. Good lord. I'm ok... I think I learned a lesson tho, although I say that all the time. Anyway, sweet dreams. MUST SLEEP!


So... its Tuesday. And I worked from 2-7 cooking the damn food again. I hate working hot food. Drives me crazy! Tomorrow gotta work 10-4, so I have to get up early tomorrow. :( Sad! Although it wont be all that bad, I have to do the Tag Audit.. where I scan one of each product in the whole store, and better make damn sure it matches the price tag, or we're fucked. haha

Had the Softball game tonight. Played a damn good team. The Big O! We were ahead 8-0, and then ended up losing 12-9... :( The teams got into a fight, and it was actually pretty interesting. I slid into home (was safe) but then the damn catcher decided she needed to topple over me. I told her to "get the fuck off me" And she said "Hey now... watch it" I was like, "Oh no, you better watch it Bitch!" Ugh... thank god I was safe.
So now we are 3-2... next week will be a winner tho, so it will be better.

So, Very good news, Corey got his plane ticket to come and see me!! YAY! July 14-19th. Rock Fest, Gambling, Fishing, DRINKING!! Oh, what a blast it will be. Well, byebye for now! Miss you Aggies!



Big shoutout to all you Aggies. I miss you very much!

So.. I forgot to write that we lost the softball game on Tuesday. It was very sad. But we deserved it, we all played like SHIT! But this week we have a very big game. We play the Big O bar. Tough team. Very tough. But, I beileve in our team, so hopefully all will go alright. So the record is now 3-1. Hoping to be 4-1

Ok... so Saturday night. The Gin Blossoms. Oh my god, rock on!! So much fun. So first I went over to a friend's house. So it was just me, Greg (his house) and Bengt. And us 3 drank some beer before we went down to Aquafest. So we were all just drunk. And wow, was it fun! Gin Blossoms took the stage at 10 and they kicked major ass. I was 2nd row jumping up and down with the city of Rice Lake. haha Gosh, it was just so crazy, and so much fun! I caught a drum stick, and had the lead singer (Robin) sign it after the show. He is pretty hot too. I'd definetly.. wait, was that outloud. Ooopps!

So then we were hungry so Greg, Bengt, Kimberly, Steve and I all went to Perkins at 130 am, and ate some food. I got home at 245, and woke up at 7. UGH... went to church, then out to breakfast with the rents, then I had to work 12-7. I really didn't feel too well today. Head hurt, and tummy hurt. I wonder why huh? So work didn't really go that well. Cause I was crabby. Bet your glad I didn't work with you right Steven? haha And work was sooo slow today. And I was in the kitchen, and I hate cooking food! UGH! OH well, its over and done with, and now I'm fine. So its all good.

Tomorrow I work 2-7, then going to play Video Games with some guys from work. Sam, Bryan, and Brandon. I guess Sam and his friends play some MAJOR Halo, and I'm just going to kick their ass, and they'll never know what hit them. haha. So anyway, I'm going to go sleepy now... Sweet Dreams!



So... Aquafest 2004 is underway! Thursday night was Loverboy. I mostly just hung around with the parents and their friends. I was the DD for them, but being the DD still means I get to drink. Just not as much. haha

Lastnight was John Michel Montgomery, and we all know how much I hate country, but it was pretty fun. My friends and I all dressed up. Got some cowboy hats that we paid a fortune for, but was worth it. Yeah, we had a good ol' time.

Tonight I'm super excited tho. It's the Gin Blossoms!!! YAY!!!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.

All I have been doing is working! Good lord. But it all pays for it when the check comes around! Today is the first day I have had off all week. Well.. i had Wed. and Thur. off from Kwik Trip, but those 2 days I babysat from 9-4 both days, and maade $100. SO that is really nice.

Well, I'll write later after the Gin Blossoms. Deuce!



So.... I worked today. 11-7. Then I came home, and ate some dinner. Then, I went to my cousins house and drank with them and my parents. I'm a little buzzed but not too bad. Its fun. And the very funny thing is, I DRIVE HOME!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tomorrow, day off. Spend time with Daddy. Yall have a good night



So... Our softball team is 3-0!!! We should have another game under our belts but last week's game got rained out. We were down 7-1, and came back to win 12-7. Needless to say, WE DIDN'T GIVE UP! It was a fun night... playing in the sprinkling rain and lightning. The ump just decided to pretend to not the see the lightning... so that was nice to finish the game, and WIN IT!

So, I miss all you Aggies. I really want to go back to school. At least next week will be fun. Aquafest! Thursday night Lover Boy. Friday night, John Michel Montgomery, and Saturday night The Gin Blossoms!!! For Friday night Kerri Kimberly and I bought Cowboy hats. That should be fun.

So, today I was bored out of my mind. SOOOOO bored. I hate when I have days off, I never have anything to do. So today I watched like 6 Real Worlds. Then I tried to take a nap, but was not tired so that did not work.

Tomorrow I work from 11-7 in Barron (city bout 10 minutes away from RL). At least I'm working with Brandon (kid from my store in RL) so that will be better.

Well... Big Shout Out to all you Aggies. I miss all of you very much! I can't wait for school to arrive.


UGH! I cannot sleep! I just woke up, and I can't fall back asleep. I hate when this happens.

Write more tomorrow. Deuce!



Well it got into the 70's today! YAY!
I mowed the lawn, and answered phones at my mommy's work. Fun stuff. Tonight Mommy and I are going shopping so that will be much fun. I always like shopping with mom, and especially when she buys me stuff. :)

Well...time to roll out. Deuce!