Happy Memorial Day!

It rained again. Imagine that. And it was 52 degrees. WOW! It needs to get warmer real quick. Went to breakfast with the rents this morning. Damn good meat skillet and cinammon coffee cake. YUMMY! Then had to work 2-7, but... its a holiday, so I got paid time and a half. Which is really nice. Any extra money I can pick up the better off I am! Then went to a cookout at a friends house, then came home and hung out for awhile, then went to Kimberlys house to watch the game. BIG GAME!!! Lakers vs. T-Wolves. And the damn T-Wolves lost which sends the Lakers to the championship game. Which sucks ass. They win WAY TOO much, and Minnesota really deserved to be there. But what do ya do? Oh well. My final pick, LA vs. Detroit, and LA will win.

Now I have the next 4 days off. Tomorrow the new fridge comes. Exciting news. Add some brightness into the kitchen. Tomorrow night big softball game. We play the Wagon Wheel Bar, and they are pretty good, so hopefully we the Newsies will pull through and move to 3-0. That'd be nice!

Big shout out to Suzanne! I love you and miss you tons! Can't wait until August!
I'm going to go cuddle up with the down comforter in bed and read. So.. Deuce!



So, still a rainy icky day. Tornado warnings now. Kinda fun! Gotta love the storms! Work sucked ass today. SO SLOW! And plus I was the Hot Food person, so I'm just stuck in the kitchen doing shit. The most boring job there is. But I worked with some fun people tonight so that makes me happy. Tomorrow marks Memorial Day, so I get paid time and a half which is really nice. Nothing like making more money! yipee!

Tonight I'm just gonna chill at home. Dont really feel like doing much. Cuddle up with my down comforter and watch a movie. Thats about all on my agenda.

I miss school a lot. I can't wait for August to come! I miss all my friends a whole great bunch. And I dont remember the last time I saw the sunshine. It's still freaking cold here. 48 degrees, rain, wind, makes for a shitty day/week.

Well... I'm gonna go for now. I'll probably be bored later, and I'll just write in here about random shit. Anyway... Deuce!



So, it was a rainy icky day outside today. But I had a ton of fun with the family! It was a very fun filled day. Played some Phase 10, Yahtzee, and went and played in Wal-Mart and Shop Ko with my Mommy.

Lastnight was quite fun tho. Slumber Party at Kimberly's house. Kimberly, Kristi, Kerri, and me. And we were drinking, playing games, and it was just a lot of freaking fun. Got drunk. Imagine that.

Have to work tomorrow. Noon-7. Don't really want to. I want to stay at home because my grandparents are coming into town, and I haven't seen them since I spent a week with them at their winter home in Texas back during X-Mas break. Anyway, it'd be nice to see them, and spend time with them. But I have to work. And I still haven't gotten paid yet. I get paid on the 11th. And I wish it would get here soon. I want to buy some stuff. Haven't really gone on a shopping spree in a long time. And I would like to.

Well, I'm gonna go get some shit done, deuce!


YAY for our softball team winning again this week! We improve the record to 2-0! Lindsey pulled a muscle tho, so thats not too good.... and I froze to death, so the ball really wouldn't throw all that well, but we still won, so who cares.

I had today off, and along with tomorrow. So... I got some laundry done today, went to put gas in my car (now up to 2.17 per gallon) then hit up the bank to fill out some paperwork for direct deposit.

I just got home from babysitting tonight up by Long Lake. It was fun. Kids were great. Tomorrow I'm gonna hit up the track meet I beileve. Do some shopping before probably. Should be pretty fun. I can always use new clothes. Actually I really could use a pair of jeans. hehe

Well I will let you go for now. Deuce!


When will it ever warm up here? I'm freezing my ass off. Today got to like 55. UGH!
I really want to get back to Texas, even though its like 99 degrees, I miss all my friends, and I'm sick of living two lives. I want my Texas life back, even if it means going to class. I dont care. I'm sick of the Rice Lake bull shit I deal with, although I love work, and the people at it... i'm just sick of this town. I love all my friends at school to death, and I love all my RL friends to death, but it is time for me to move on. Thank god this is the first and the LAST summer I will be home.

Today I had to work 9-5. Which consisted of re-setting the candy. Oh my goodness, what a job. Took me freakin 5 hours to do it. UGH! YUCK YUCK YUCK, glad that it is over with.
Tomorrow I dont have to work until 2 which is very nice cause I get to sleep in for once. But I probably wont be able to, cause I'm so damn used to getting up early now I guess. OH well, whatever.

Then we have our second softball game tomorrow. Hope we pull this one off too like last week. It'd be nice to be 2-0!!!

Well... i'm gonna go crawl in bed, and watch a movie. Sweet Dreams!



Had to work at 6 again this morning. Didn't get home until 3 so I got a whopping 2 hours of sleep, but it was ok. Well worth it. Casey had to leave today. Which is very sad, but it was so much fun to see her, and play around. Can't wait until I find a weekend to go to Madison and party down there with her and her friends.

Well, i'm out for now. Sweet Dreams!


Hello Hello Hello!

Just got done with work. 6 am until 1. Ugh... long day but it went pretty fast I guess. It was very busy today at Kwik Trip and with the prices of gas SKY ROCKETING everyone seems to want to fill their tanks before it hits $2.50 per gallon by the weekend. Thats the scoop I guess, so we hear at least. Yesterday was pretty fun tho. Woke up and went weight lifting at 6:15, then went and had continental breakfast at Casey's hotel. Then came home and did shit around the house, took a shower and got ready for the day... then went to the Soccer game, then Kerri came over for dinner and we had Tacos. Then Casey and I went and watched some of the guy's slowpitch softball games. Then went to Dairy Queen, and brought Kerri a dilly bar. Then came home and went to sleep cause I had to be up at 5 this morning. UGH! And I have to do it again tomorrow, but I think tonight we're all going out and doing something, drinking some beer around a fire or something. So... I probably wont get much sleep, BUT... it is always worth it in the end! Well I'm off to take a nappy now! Deuce!


Sorry it has been forever that I have wrote in here. I'm now back home in Wisconsin, and it is great! Although it is cold as hell here, i'm having a lot of fun. I have been painting the last 3 days out at my parents friends house. Been kinda high on paint i think. But I get paid so thats always fun. Start working at Kwik Trip again on Friday. Couldn't be more excited to get back to the ol' gas station. I'm excited.

I will write more later, now that we got the new computer.. and I will be online more now. Toodles for now!


So.. I had my first final today. Biology with Dr. Farroni. And it was hard as hell. But I studied a lot for this exam, and hopefully it will all work out in the end when all of the curves are set and what not.

Today I moved all my stuff into storage. So that means, that I have no computer anymore, no tv, no vcr, no dvd player, no bedding. Must sleep on a sleeping bag. Took all the flags off the walls... its just so bare and looks like a prison cell. Now all that is left to move is little things. 2 lamps, my no parking sign, a little table. Stuff like that. We'll do that on wednesday I beileve.

I dont know how i'm gonna celebrate this semester being over yet. Many possibilites. I just know that I will be with Suzanne and we will have our cigars in hand. If it means just chillin, or going to Hartleys party... who cares, we will be with eachother.. and have a grand ol' time.

Well.. i think i'm going to go get a cat nap in before I study some math. Deuce!


Listening to "Come Clean" by Hilary Duff

So today I didn't do much studying, just because I have to have like my whole room packed up by Monday because that is when we are moving all of her shit into our storage unit. So this also means that I dont get a computer as of monday, cause the computer will be packed away. Hopefully I will live. I'm sure I'll manage just fine, I just can't cruise the internet when I can't sleep now. haha

Went and saw "New York Minute" today. The new Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. IT IS AWESOME! I love it. It was soooo good! Then we went and bought the storage unit, then went back to Joe's apartment and he cooked me an omlete. And it was damn good. Props to Joe. Then Suzanne and I went to Wal-Mart so we could buy rubbermaid tubs to pack up all of our stuff. GOOD LORD... I never thought I had this much stuff. I dont know what to bring home, and what can stay here. I almost feel as if it is a game. Its crazy. So I have everything packed up pretty much.. except for my bedding and some random pens and pencils, and my turtle Hector, and my fish Blue.

So tonight Corey and I had a very nice talk.... and very much needed. Corey and I are like brother and sister, and I love him to death. I mean tonight he told me that if he could have another sister he would want it to be me. I dont do the whole "Awwwwww" thing very much.. and I did the "Awww" thing when he told me that. It meant a lot. And I'm so glad that him and I have this relationship, i dont know what I'd do without him, or what he'd do without me. July is gonna be tons of fun when he flys out to Wisconsin. Love you Fish Man!

I just got back from having the whole Abby Corey talk. And now I'm going to go to bed knowing that I have happy thoughts and good feelings. So sweet Dreams. Closing song "Rest in Pieces" by Saliva. (who I Corey and I will see in july for Rockfest!)


Listening to "Faithfully" by Journey

So, today marks the first day of finals. I didn't have any, but I've been studying like crazy. Bio Final on Monday, Math on Tuesday, and Poli Sci and History on Wednesday.

And then I find out that no one is coming to pick me up anymore, and that I need to fly home. I guess gas prices are insane up north and it would cost my parents like 700-800 dollars to come get me. And thats crazy. So.. i got a one way ticket home for $171 which is pretty damn good. Found one for $99 but my parents didnt want to come and pick me up at 1 am. I dont care.. i dont pay for it anway, and this just means that I get in at 7 pm now, and Kerri will still be in the hospital in Minneapolis so I get to go see her.

Today was fun. Went to the beach again with Suzanne to study more. UGH! this studying stuff is driving me crazy. I'm almost done tho. So close to being home. Can't wait

Tomorrow's agenda... start tackling History... gotta do the flashcard thing. Then I'll finish up my Poli Sci review questions... But... gotta go see the 1:40 showing of "New York Minute" the new Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen movie. Gonna be damn good. But before that, I gotta go rent a storage unit with Suzanne and Joe to put all my shit in since I now have to fly home.

Oh... i forgot.. Suzanne and I watched two movies tonight. Encino Man.. which was very funny. And then "island in the sun" a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. Suzanne loves them.. and she got me hooked on them too.. so its fun and exciting.. and whatever. YAY!

Suzanne and I have had a lot of fun this past week... studying together, Happy Hour at Sonic, Midnight Breakfast last night to kick off finals, studying at the beach 4 days with a couple more to come... shes great, and I love her to death.

Anyway.. i'm off for now. Sweet Dreams!


Listening to "I will buy you a new life" by Everclear

So, I've been reading all freaking day. My 4th outside reading for History class. "Dude Where's my Country" by Michael Moore. Damn good book, I think I like it because i'm very liberal and i'm also a democrat. So.. that might have a lot to do with it. But its just a really good book, and all this stuff I'm learning about Bush just makes me like him less and less.

Went to the beach with Suzanne and Joe again. Suzanne had to read "Hamlet" for English, I read my book for history, and Joe just chilled. Went in the water for awhile but most was spent reading. YAY for me getting shit done. Then we went and had 1/2 price drinks at Sonic for happy hour. Damn the Strawberry Limeaids are so freaking good!

Lastnight Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were on David Letterman, so of course Suzanne and I had to watch that. And then tonight they had a special hour interview on E. And that was very good too! And they will be the hosts of Saturday Night Live on May 13. I'm excited for their new movie "New York Minute" that opens on Friday. Should be very good!

Well I've gotta get back to reading. And then get some sleepy. Deuce!


Listening to "My Immortal" by Evanescence
Howdy!! So I apologize that I haven't wrote in awhile. I've been freaking busy! Friday was a lot of fun went to the beach and played in the ocean with Joe and Suzanne. Hanging with those two is so much fun. I love Suzanne to death and Joe is such a great guy. I got buried in the sand, but we had no camera so that sucks... but I dont think I could have had more sand in my hair, ears, eyes, or mouth. It was crazy. Then we got back to the dorms and took showers and what not then went out to eat at Rainforest Cafe. The atmosphere in that place is amazing. I love it! Then we went and saw "Man on Fire" it was my second time but well worth it because that movie kicks some major ass. Then Suzanne and I were going to go to a party, but decided to just chill at home for the night. So we had another slumber party in my room. Her and I have so much fun together. YAY!

And then its Saturday.... woke up at 11 with Suzanne went to breakfast, did laundry (YAY for clean clothes) then watched the NCAA Gymnastic Championships. Gotta love it. UCLA won, so yay for them. big storm this day as well. Lots of rain and wind. But it was over by the time Suzanne and I wanted to go see "Mean Girls" this movie is good. I laughed a lot. Then we came back to the rooms and got ready and all packed up to leave for College Station. We left at like 6 when Joe got off of his ambulance run. And Damn.... I forgot how much fun I have in this town. It kicks ass! Met up with Joe's friend Mike at his resteraunt, then headed to his house to get ready for the night. Got to the Dixie Chicken/Northgate at like 11-ish... and Mike was dunking his ring at 12:04. Since he is class of 04. He got the amazing time of 69 seconds. Not nearly as fast as Mofo, but... 69 seconds is well worth it!! HAHA! Then we went to a couple of more bars, I was the DD for the night, so I would start to have my fun when we got back to Mike's house, which was 2:30. So Suzanne and Joe were bragging me up that i could drink Mike under the table. So I first had to catch up to what he had, had to drink. So I downed 5 beers in 20 minutes and I was ready.... so we went head to head.... and I dont remember how much I had, but needless to say, I did not feel a damn thing. I think I'm going to give this whole drinking thing up. No matter how much I drink I dont buzz or get drunk anymore. So why do it I guess.... Suzanne and Mike, we have our other ways don't we?? HAHAH!! Wha, Wha, Wha.... :) Good times/feelings on that! Marks to prove it... wow... crazyiness. Finally went to bed at like 5:30. Woke up at 11 and ate lunch at Freebirds. That place is amazing! My first time there, and I LOVE IT! Best damn burrito i've ever ate in my life. We left College Station at 3, got back to G-Town and just chilled. I took a nap, watched "Honey" with Suzanne, and then finally crashed for the night at around 1. Now its Monday.. and my last class for the semester is at 4. I'm excited.

I've decided to not go to Oklahoma. I just have so much shit to get done, and so much reading/studying to get accomplished. Granted, I would study up there, but I know I'd study more if I was down here. So I'm sorry Kathy that I disappointed you, but I just have to do all of this.. so I apologize.. but there is nothing I can do. I hope you are having fun!

Well I am out for now. Closing song Linking Park "Faint"