Listening to "I Don't want to Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith.

So... not much new in my life. Had my last day of class yesterday. Lastnight watched "Pulp Fiction" with Corey for the first time. Such a damn good movie. Corey told me I'd like it, and I did. Then after that, I went back to my room, and Stephanie was hungry and was going to go get something to eat, and then I decided I was hungry too, so we hit up IHOP at 1 am. Got back around 230-ish, and Suzanne IM's me.. but Suzanne had gone to bed at like 12. So I was all confused as to why she was awake. But she was having some sort of weird allergic reaction, so i had to go play doctor. I really didn't know what I was doing, so we called Joe (her boyfriend) who is also an EMT in training and knows his shit. So he came... and by the time he got here the welts were significantly lower. It was really weird... kinda scary.. so I slept in her room with her in case something were to happen again when we went back to sleep. So we finally crashed again around 4-ish. Woke up around 11:30, and got ready. Ate lunch.

Jennifer moved out today. So it is kinda empty in here. A little depressing cause she had a lot of pictures on the walls and stuff but it will be alright. I'll miss her, but it'll be nice to have my own room as well. Everyone always wishes they had their own room. I'm just dreading packing all of this shit that I keep looking at. With all of her stuff gone, it does make me realize how much stuff I do have to pack, and how the hell I'm gonna pack it all. Should be pretty interesting.

Tonight I'm gonna start studying for Finals. But for right now i'm gonna go get a quick cat nap in, so I will talk to ya'll later. Deuce!


Listening to my fingers on the key board, no music cause Jennifer is still sleeping.

Had my bio lab final this morning.. it was hard. I had WAY TOO many Phylum questions, and I didn't look over the phylums again, cause I didn't think they were going to be on it. UGH! Honestly there were probably 10-12 on that damn exam. I just pray that I get a good grade on the paper, and didn't fail the exam,and then i will be ok.

i dont want to go to poli sci but I have to turn my extra credit in, so I must go. And then after that, I'm going to go give blood, and then after that I'm going to sleep until I have math at 6.



Had my history exam today. It was a little rough, but I know I didn't fail it. So that is always good. Tomorrow morning (actually today if you want to be technical) I have my Biology Lab Final. At 8 am! I have been studying for this bitch the last 2 hours, and I decided I need to take a break. This shark dissection handout is killing me. Why can't I just learn the stuff, and not have to be tested over it. That would make me want to learn so much more. UGH!

After this exam, I can play it cool for the weekend, cause I'm going to light it up on Friday night at Zach's party, and then Saturday night in College Station for Mike's ring dunk. WooHoO I'm excited. Anyway.. i gotta get back to this damn handout.. so I'll let ya go. Deuce!


Listening to "This is how we do it" by Montell Jordan. Yep, we're going old school people.

So whats up folks.. not a whole lot here. I'm sad right now. So maybe by writing in here it will make me feel a little bit happier. I'd write what I'm sad about, but too many people read this, so I can't. So lets see.. Kick ass party this Friday, leave for College Station Saturday, come back Sunday. Go to class on Monday.. leave for Oklahoma at 11 am Tuesday, come back Sunday. Take Finals monday, tuesday, wednesday, leave for Wisconsin 8 am Thursday. Thats all I got left.

Sometimes, its so nice to have friends around that care for me. So thank you to you two girls that were here for me when I needed you tonight.

I really dont have much else to say right now....except.. look at this line-up for Rock Fest
Thursday July 15th
-Vic Ferarri
-Smath Mouth
-Couting Crows

Friday, July 16th
-Kelly Keeling
-Poco & Firefall
-Spin Doctors
-Huey Lewis and the News
-The Allman Brothers Band

Saturday, July 17th
-Big Deeks
-Y & T
-Twisted Sister
-Judas Priest

Sunday, July 18th
-Paul Revere and the Raiders
-REO Speedwagon
-John Fogerty

So.. just by reading that lineup for this summer, puts me in a better mood. So fucking excited for that. Anyway.... I'm out. Deuce!


Listening to "Hey Mama" by The Black Eyed Peas.

So.... i've been studying my ass off starting lastnight, and today. This damn history book, and my Biology Lab Paper. I have the Bio Lab paper finished, and is due on Thursday. So, it feels good to have that stupid thing accomplished.

Now the history book. I'm on page 83 of a 264 page book. Exam is on Wednesday. So, I have a lot to read. haha

Biology Lab Final on Thursday.. so I've been starting to look over things for that beast. I hear its not that bad of an exam, but I need to look at a bunch of stuff.

My new room is pretty fun, I think I actually sleep better now. so thats fun

Good news.. I'm not going to College Station until Saturday now, so i get to go to Zach's party on Friday night.. so that makes me happy. Of course that is going to be kick ass.

Well back to the reading for now.. .. ending song "Ocean Avenue" by Yellowcard


Listening to "Silhouettes" by Smile Empty Soul (Yep... another Buzz Fest artist) Damn, that was so much fun that weekend... OH THE MEMORIES!

So, damn its 4:42 am.. as I'm starting to write in this before I go to bed. Damn, Kathy Sanders and I have such a fucking good time together. Her and I re arranged my room tonight, un loft my bed, to get ready for the end of the semester. And get this, She was the person who told me what I should throw away and what I should keep. I tell ya, I'M A PACK RAT!! I keep every frickin thing. Now, my drawers are pretty much bare. It is crazy, but I've never ever seen my room this freaking clean in my life. And I DUSTED!!! I dusted my shelves. I swear its a miracle. Its crazy. And Im so happy when I walk into my room and see how clean it is. Now, I'm just going to try my hardest to keep it clean for the rest of the semester. If I try really hard, I know I can do it... I just have to learn to put my shit away when I'm done with it. Kathy is going to inspect my desk/drawers daily... so I have to be up to par on this. It will only do me good.

Her and I also went to Wal-Mart tonight at 2:30 to get Pop. But she ended up getting Minute Maid Pink Lemonade. Good shit! So then we came back, and just chilled in my new room. It really feels like a new room. I love it. And we downloaded music, and then she got tired at like 415, so now I'm just sitting here talking to my computer, and listening/downloading music still.

Anyway.. I love you Kathy, and thanks for being such a great friend. And I'm glad that the Traffic Gods loved us tonight for us to make it from Wal-Mart all the way back to TAMUG without hitting any red lights. Very impressive. YAY for another fun night of memories.

Tomorrow will be spent reading "The Perils of Prosperity" for history. UGHHH! I really do need to read for like the whole day, and then do my Bio Lab Paper tomorrow night sometime. Tomorrow will be a homework day. Boo for that, but it needs to be done. Anyway.. I better try to get some sleep. Night!

Closing song, "Silver and Cold" by A.F.I.


Listening to "Tip Drill" by Nelly. And i'm writing from Kathy's room.

So lastnight was a lot of fun. Mofo dunked his ring at Connolly's, and he drank his pitcher of beer in 24.45 seconds. Which is really ironic because he is class of 04'. Suzanne and I didn't drink, but this one guy was hitting on Suzanne and kept wanting to buy her drinks, she allowed him to buy her one. He was a freak though, and got put on my team. So boo for that. It was also ironic that Corey was at the bar as well with his Dive Lab friends. So it was funny seeing Corey drunk off of his ass. He was surprised that Suzanne and I were there, but we had special permission to be there because Mofo talked to the people and warned them that he was taking two underage friends. And they didn't care, so thats how we were able to get in. It was a fun night. Stayed at the bar until 1:30 then hit up IHOP. Gotta love the late night/early morning IHOP outings. Mofo was drunk, and that was sure a sight to see. He's a fun guy. And then on top of it his girlfriend that is from College Station came down. Dominic. She is a wonderful person. So funny, and her and Mofo are a really cute couple. SO IN LOVE!! They will make fun babies. :)

Ok.. so Suzanne and I weren't tired when we got home lastnight and we didn't want to wake up Kathy, so Suzanne and I had a slumber party in my room. We just sat and chit chatted like girls do sometimes, and watched some MTV 2. Gotta love that channel. But it was so cool, Suzanne has to sleep with the TV on, and hell, I can go to sleep with anything. But I woke up in the middle of the night to Linkin Park's "Numb" playing. ANd that song just kicks some major ass, so I had to sit up and watch the video. Kinda weird, and ironic since im the biggest Linkin Park fanatic you will ever meet. SO it was fun and exciting, and made my night.. well actually I was already sleeping.. so i guess it made my night for the 5 minutes that I was awake at that time. ahah.. golly i'm weird.

SO then.. woke up at 1 this afternoon, went and ate brunch in the TAMUG cafe, and then Suzanne and I went and saw "13 Going on 30" its a funny movie. and ya'll should go see it.

Then I came back and it was like 6 now, so i took a shower finally cause of the "party funk" smell from the bar the night before. Then Corey, Kathy and I went and ate dinner at The Spot. I wasn't hungry, so i just entertained them. Then we came back, and for the last hour and a half Kathy and I have been doing my extra credit project for Political Science. GOOD LORD.. what a relief that this is done with, but jesus.. Prof Waddell should pay me like $5 for the amount of paper needed. Shit.. we must have like 75 pages. All of these websites that needed to be printed off and what not. But anyway.. so i'm glad to have that done. And a big huge shout out to Kathy for helping me with it. She is the greatest person, and I love her to death, and I'm sooooooooooo stoked to be roomates with her next semester. Our room is going to be tight as shit, and we're just going to have a blast. so YAY for that.

So now.. her and I are going to un-loft my bed since it has to be un-lofted before the end of the semester, and since we dont have anything else better to do, we might as well do it, and have a change in my room. It should be quite interesting. And I'm excited that I will be able to make my bed because it wont be 9 frickin feet up in the air. So yay. Anyway.. I will probably write later. Love you all.
Ending song "Smack my Ass" by Puddle of Mudd... OHHH.. wait a second, YEP I did see them at Buzz Fest. And i'm drinking Pibb Xtra. Damn good shit. Deuce!!!


Listening to "What its Like" by Everlast. And yes, I did see them at Buzz Fest.

So I woke up at noon. I slept like a little baby lastnight, once I could finally get to sleep. I was so damn tired. A friend of mine was online last night, that I haven't talked to in probably a year and a half, so it was great to catch up with him. And he didn't even know that I went to school in Texas, otherwise he would have contacted me cause he was in Houston 3 weeks ago. So that made me sad, but hopefully our paths will cross again sometime soon! :)

Today was a damn good day. I ate ass, and sucked head. But for all you dirty little minds out there, we had a Crawfish Broil at school today. SO THERE YA GO!! And how you eat crawfish is by sucking the heads, and eating their ass. And it was DAMN GOOD! My fingers are still a little yellow from the juices, but its all good. Way to TAMUG Cafe!

Then Kathy Corey and I went to go see "Man on Fire" the new Denzel Washington flick. It is a bad ass movie. Go see it! It kicks ass.

Today Mofo got his Aggie Ring. And Suzanne and I got invited to go watch him dunk it tonight at Connely's. So that should be a lot of fun. I'll let ya know.

I havne't said anything funny or stupid yet today, so in the street game my mom is still on 4th. Suzanne's mom still on 12th. And kathy and corey's mom's will always be on 20th, until next semester when the game starts all over, and I will be the FIRST ONE TO 20TH!!! ROCK ON!!

bye for now.
Ending song "Come Sail Away" by Styx. Yes, I will be seeing them in July at Rock Fest.


Listening to "Running Away" by Hoobastank. (which was a Buzz Fest artist)

So I stayed home tonight. It was very much needed. I was a tired girl today.

So Kathy, Suzanne, Corey, and I play the "Street game" I'm not going to explain it cause I'll be here forever... but I always lose. Kathy and Corey are on 20th street (the best) and Suzanne is on 12th. And up until today I was on 6th. But... today I was in the galley, and I didnt know who Bobby Fischer was. I'm sure there are a lot of people that do not know who he is. But fuck, I got moved down for 2 streets for not knowing who he was. one street from Kathy, one from Corey.. since they are on 20th they are allowed to move people down. I dont think its fair that I got moved down for that one, but I can't argue about it, cause since they are on 20th the can do what they want. So it sucks for me, cause I get ganged up on... but I guess whatever. I'll just have to say something funny. (Like that happens often, otherwise I'd be on freakin 20th)

So I get ripped on a lot. And I take it all the time. Cause I dont give a shit when people make fun of me. I'm just the kind of person that laughs along with everyone. I really dont care all that much. But tonight, my feelings were hurt. And I was upset. But we resolved it, just dont ever say anything about alcohol again in those terms, and you're fine. Word to the wise, Abby and her drinking dont go over too well in conversations, I get kinda mad cause I dont like talking about it. So we'll leave it at that.

By the way, did I mention that last weekend was Buzz Fest, and I had an AWESOME FUCKING TIME!! Sorry.. had to say it once again.

I had fun with Suzanne tonight chillin out on the porch. It's always good to just sit outside late at night and just talk about random shit. And Suzanne and I do this a lot. Random shit, is always fun to talk about. And the bugs weren't out anyway, so it was all good. No bugs = happy girls!!!

Well, I am freaking tired, so I'm hitting the sack to sleep now. Ending song, "Away From Me" Puddle of Mudd (OOHHhh.. another Buzz Fest artist)

Currenltly listening to Miss Burke. Cause I'm in Math Class.

How many freakin times do i need to say that I really can't do math. This class sucks. The teacher is awesome... but I just cannot do math for the life of me. If only a little bird would come whisper me the answers to everything in life, I'd be ok. And totally cool with everything. But not so much.

So I forgot to tell you about the Flow Battles lastnight. Lil John, Cooper, and Louis. IT WAS AWESOME! Those boys got some good kills on eachother, and on Craig. It was good times, and great oldies.

So YAY for my best friend back at home making the Wisconsin Badgers Wakeboarding Team. GO CASEY! That is fucking awesome! And you will have so much fun. Hopefully I will be able to see you compete this summer. Frickin Varsity Sport, and you are on it. That rocks!!!! I'm so stoked for you!

Ok I'm out for now. Deuce!

Currenlty listening to "One Call Away"
Currenlty drinking Cranberry Juice

So lastnight.... got drunk. YAY for beer. Tastes damn good. Played one game of Skip Bo, and of course I won, cause I kick everyone's ass in that game. I'm the Queen. Then we watched a little Chappelle's Show.. then drank some more. Then got some food at Taco Cabana. Then at about 3 decided to watch Kill Bill. And I've never seen it, so I was all excited. But then everyone got tired including me. So Lil John and I headed home. And he got locked out of his room, so he just crashed in my room for the night. Went to sleep at 4. Had Class at 11. Then ate lunch with Kathy and Suzanne. Then had Poli Sci, but the Prof's wife fell so he had to cancel class to go be with her. So that sucks for his wife, but YAY for class being canceled. So its all good! And my cranberry juice is so good right now. I've always liked this stuff, and just started drinking it recently. Although it always tastes better with vodka or everclear, but some people would get a little mad if I did that. Plus its all gone anyway.
So then since class was canceled I went and helped Kathy time the swimmers at the pool. BOO for the sun. Gave me a headache. Ughh!! its so freakin hot here.

Then I went with kathy and Corey to get Corey's hair cut. And its WAY too short, but... he knows I dont like it short, so I just keep my mouth shut.

And now I sit here just chillin. About to go eat some dinner before I go to Math class. YAY for it being Thursday and I don't have any Friday classes. But tomorrow I gotta read lots. Gotta read a history book by wednesday. So... this weekend I gotta read and do an extra credit project for Poli Sci. Anyway.. I'm out. Deuce!


Currently listening to Staind, "So Far Away"

So, tonight is Aggie Muster. Texas A&M's most solemn tradition. I will write about it when I get back from it. Obvioulsy my A&M friends know what it is. But Wisconsin people have no clue. So I'll fill ya'll in later.

I just got done eating dinner. Thank god for good food tonight. SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN!! and EGG ROLLS! And peach cobbler. GO TAMUG CAFE!!

History was alright tonight. Took notes like always. Good stuff.

I think I'm gonna actually stay home tonight. i dont remember the last night I stayed home. We'll see what happens tho. I always give in and go out... so I dont know. Bye for now.

Currently listening to "Game Over" by Flip

So lastnight I did the whole 4-20. I can't smoke of course cause I have to take this damn drug test when I get back home to Wisconsin. But wow, it is a lot of fun seeing high people acting crazy. Stephanie and I had a lot of fun.

Woke up today at 11:45. So that was nice. Went and ate lunch with Kathy and Suzanne. And they taught me the new $2 bill game. Should be really interesting.

Don't know what I'm doing tonight. Don't have Bio Lab at 8 tomrrow morning cause of it being Feild Trip week, so I get to sleep in. So that is always a big deal!

My face is peeling like a banana from getting burnt at Buzz Fest. I look like a freak. And if one more person asks me how I got sun burnt.. I'm gonna say its not sun burn, and I have a skin disease. GOOD LORD QUIT ASKING ME!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to start getting pissed.

Well first and last class of the day is at 4. So I'll let ya go. Deuce!


Currently listening to "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith.
Currently eating Easy Mac.

So, lastnight was pretty damn funny. Zach was high as hell. I've never seen a kid laugh for no reason, and then keep laughing. Cripes, it was hilarious.

I just got done taking a math exam. It sucked ass. I really hate math. And if I can just get a D in this class everything will be ok. Lets hope and pray people!

Today is Tuesday, which means 24 comes on. So thats always exciting. Can't wait for that.

Bye for now!

Yo. I just got home for the night. I'm tired. And I dont think I'll make it to my 11 o clock class. But YAY for it being 4-20!! I saw some freaking crazy ass high people tonight. I dont think ive laughed so hard in my life. I'll tell you more tomorrow, I need sleep! Deuce!


So this morning was the Moody Gardens Field Trip. So much freaking fun. Kathy and I had a blast. A few of the many interesting things we saw, Poison Dart Frogs, Sharks, I got to pet a shark and a sting ray and a sea star. We saw millions of fish, 3 parrots, and tons of really neat looking rainforest plants. Oh, and BATS!! I stood in a Shark Cage. I put my face through one of the wooden cut outs of a frog. The picture is priceless. Ask if you want to see it!

My first time at there, and it was a memory! I tell ya, Kathy and I have the best of times! GOOD TIMES!! GREAT OLDIES!!! Oldies 95!!

Then we hit up Wal-Mart to get some pictures developed, then killed time eating lunch at Sonic. Gotta love those Strawberry Lime-Aids.

This weekend nothing planned, weekend after that College Station to see Mike (Joe's friend) dunk his ring!!! YAY!!! Then get back from College Station on Sunday, then on Tuesday head up to Oklahoma to spend time with Kathy's dad for dead week. YAY for Oklahoma. That is going to be tons of fun!

Deuce for now!


So I just got done playing Skip Bo with Kathy, Tiffany, Stephanie, Louis, and Craig. Good times!! Time for sleep now! Sweet Dreams!

OH MY GOD.... Buzz Fest rocked my freaking world. So many great bands, so many wasted/high people, and just a DAMN GOOD time. But, boo for the damn people not letting you bring in anything! So, first we got denied our towel to sit on. But that was before we even got to the gates, so that was alright. But.. I had heard that camera's weren't allowed, so I deiced I was gonna sneak mine in. Well, lets just say it really didn't work. I got caught, and had to throw it away. But it was ok, only like 2 pictures were taken on it, so it wasn't like I lost all these pictures. And then boo for it being like 85 degrees, and you can't take in sun tan lotion, so I couldn't re-aply my damn lotion, so yeah, I now have blisters all over my face again like Spring Break, but not as bad this time. But still, why do I have to be a red head and be allergic. IT BLOWS!
So.. Hoobastank was awesome of course. That'd mark my second time seeing them, and they were better this time around then at the Linkin Park concert in February. They are just damn damn good. Drowning Pool was amazing as well. Seeing everyone in the crowd jumping around to "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" was quite a sight to see. It was much fun! Then of course Lost Prophets were very good, and Trapt and Puddle of Mudd. We just had a blast! Good times with Stephanie and Mikey. It was tons of fun!
We were then going to go to Hurricane Hut and club, but decided to hit up a party in Friendswood. Well, it ended up getting busted before we got there, so then we just chilled, and got back to G-Town at like 230, to see all the Kappa People still here crowding all the streets. So it took us FOREVER to get to Mikey's house, but oh well we made it.

So Stephanie, Louis, and I had a Slumber Party at Mikey's house, and it was damn fun. Good times! Great Oldies! Slept in until 230 today.. couldn't beileve it, didn't wake up at all. It was soo nice. Got back to campus, and it was dinner time. haha. But our cafeteria SUCKS ASS on sundays, so I ate cereal. ugh!

Tomorrow morning I get to go on the biology field trip w/ Kathy.. It will be my first time doing the whole Moody Gardens thing. So since its my first time, I'm excited. Anthing involving fish always makes me excited. So it will be fun, and of course when Kathy and I are together it's always a good time! But I'm out for now...


So, wow.... this weekend would mark Kappa Weekend aka Beach Weekend. And I've never seen so many black guys in my life. I'm not being racist or anything, I just have never seen that many. I come from a small town in Northern Wisconsin, with one black person in my whole high school. So its different. And I tell ya, you know its weird when the 24 hour Wal-Mart closes at 9:00 pm for the weekend. Crazy huh? There are also 2 police officers outside each gas station door, and fast food door. It is INSANE.... well tonight, Stephanie, Mikey and I decided we were gonna drive down Seawall to check out this whole thing. And damn, the PEOPLE, and the TRAFFIC! CRAZY! Let me tell ya. It was quite a site to see. I've also never seen so many cops before. Literally, it is crazy. Good times! Great oldies!!

Stephanie and I had fun tonight (for all that dont know Stephanie, shes my suitemate). Whenever her and I are together, its almost always a fun fun time. Damn, girl we have a blast. I have a blast with whoever I'm with down here. YAY for me always being happy. I dont remember the last time I've been pissed, oh wait, Yes I have and they know it too. But that's over and done with.

Tomorrow is Buzz Fest, then going clubbing at Hurricane Hut (since we'll be in Houston) then Stephanie and I are sleeping at Mikes so we dont have to try and get back on to this damn Pelican Island with all the people here for Kappa Weekend. Estimated population 35,000-40,000. Like Mardi Gras, all over again.

Well I'm off to bed! Sweet Dreams!


Well, Lastnight was pretty interesting. I got drunk, and I meant to write in here when I came home, But I was so piss ass drunk that I totally forgot about it. So I appologize. No making fun of Abby this time around.

Had a little get together at Mikey's house. Just like 10 of us. It was a good time. Memories are great. And I remember everything that happened so I dont have to play the "Nancy Drew" game.

Today was a good day. Of course its Friday, So I have no classes. Woke up at 12:15 to Kathy waking me up for lunch. I didn't really think I'd sleep that long, but being intoxicated the night before, I suppose its all good.

Tomorrow is BUZZ FEST!!! i am soooo damn excited.

A big shout out to all the Wisconsin Friends. Like 29 more days until I'll be home. I'm stoked! Oh.... and just for Kerri, I hope you enjoyed some freak pulling the dorm fire alarm at 3:10 in the morning. Hope you liked freezing outside for like 20 minutes. Dont worry, its all good tho!! Love you kerri!

Bye for now!


So, I'm sitting in math class right now. And my friend Mikey is telling me that my journal sucks. Well, I think its pretty damn fun, so FUCK YOU MIKEY!!!! And now Heather thinks that its good, and Mikey says, NO its not.. well it is... so yeah.

I really dislike math class, it blows ass. I sit here and play on the computer and listen to what Mrs. Burke is talking about, rather then actually taking notes. When I like to pay attention I do, but as of now, writing in this thing is more important/fun!

And I'm also one of those freaks that answers my cell phone during class. Hey.. whatever keeps me entertained is well worth my time.

So this weekend would be Kappa Weekend aka Beach Weekend... but I will be up in Houston for BUZZ FEST!!!! GO ME!!!! Damn, it is gonna be so fucking fun. Im stoked! It's sad that Corey cannot come since it was his idea and all, but... it is still going to rock my fucking world! So its Me, Mikey, Stephanie, Jennifer and her boyfriend.

Mikey, Stephanie and I will be getting VERY VERY shit faced. I borrowed a flask for the weekend. But I'm excited for my birthday because Suzanne said she is going to buy me a flask with my initials on it. So YAY for that.

So.. our bathroom is pimped out. We have the "Abby and Stephanie's Porn Wall" We are now taking donations from Play Boy and Play Girl magazines. Feel free to drop them off at B228, or B229.

We also have this awesome Chapelle's Show poster with a bunch of random sayings that he says. You'll just have to come see the bathroom to learn more about it.

So I just learned that I have a Math test on Tuesday.... damn, I need to study for that one! UGH!!!

Well I suppose I need to listen for a little bit. Bye for now!

Welcome to my first entry. So, the point of me making this journal is for me to make fun of myself, and my friends. More or less, for my friends to read what goes on in my head when I decide not to speak sometimes which will turn into them making fun of me in the end. But you know what, its all fucking worth it!

So what I did today...(as of 3:30)
1. Woke up at 7:15 so I could go eat breakfast with Kathy, and then go to Biology Lab at 8:00. Lab today was actually really fun. We learned about Animal Behavior, and by doing this we put mirrors up to beta fish. And I already know what happens, cause I'm just that smart. But it is fun to see them freak out. So then we ate some lifesavers for the Taste Test, and then tasted pieces of paper with chemicals on them. And some of them tasted like shit!! Ughh.. and of course Kathy just laughs at me. But it is ok.
2. So our TA, Andrea, said that there was going to be a drawing for the beta's after all the labs were done this week. Well hell if I want a beta. So I put my name into the jar. And the dumb thing that comes out of my mouth, "So, Andrea, Do we get the fish bowl too?" Umm.. yes Abby. Geez, what are they gonna do, just give me the fish and thats it. hahah!! Oh well!
3. So lab gets done at 9, then I go back to my dorm and study for 2 hours before my huge Bio Lecture exam at 11. And wow did it blow ass. We'll see how well I did on this one.
4. So then after my exam I went and chilled at the Pool with Corey until I went to eat lunch at 12:15
5. Lunch at 12:15 with Suzanne.
6. State and Local Government next until 2. WOW.... lets just say I'm sooo not from Texas, and never know a damn thing they are talking about.
7. So, then went to the Galley to sit with Kathy, Corey, and Cooper while they ate.
8. And now I sit here and chill until I have Math class tonight at 6. Math and me just do not go together like peas and carrots do. I'm terrible at it. But eventually I will learn I guess.

So... that was my first entry. Bye for now!