Hello to everyone! I know I have not wrote on this thing for like 1.5 months now, and I apologize but man have I been busy. So X-Mas break was hella fun. Worked a lot, spent a lot of time with the family and friends. Did some ice fishing ( ROCK ON ), was unable to go skiing tho... not enough time. I had a wonderful Christmas. Played my Flute at church... dont think i'd played my flute since the last Christmas mass a year before that. haha! Lets see, got a bunch of fun stuff. A huge pots and pans set, cutlery set, and a utensil set. Couple books and cd's, some perfume, clothes. Ya know how it goes.

Now I'm back in Galveston, and I'm living in a house!! Yes, you heard me correctly i have a FUCKING HOUSE NOW! And it kicks ass Royally! Corey moved in with me, so its him and I in this huge house that we really dont know what to do with. Him and I purchased a brand new Kegerator as well. So the Beer is always on tap when you come to visit. Corey decided to buy a grill one day too, so now we've been enjoying that. Steaks and what not. Lastnight Lauren and Lindsey, Corey and I made a huge dinner. Filets, mashed potatoes, garlic cheesy bread, and BEER! Holy shit was it good. And then we attempted to watch The Grudge. And it was probably the worst movie i've seen in a long time. The 2 girls fell asleep, and I was like.. oh my god, they actually made this in to a movie.. and I here I thought I was going to get to see a good scary movie. HA.. yeah right.

Oh, and I now have my car down here with me. I love it to death. I think I can finally call Galveston my home. Lovin it!!!

Lauren and Lindsey are 2 wonderful girls, and man do we know how to have fun. It's the last weekend of Mardi Gras this weekend, and it is going to be hella crazy!! Last weekend was crazy, I hate to see what this weekend is going to bring. MAN! Just remember girls who gets my bed! :)

Umm.. I think thats about it for now, I'll update some more after this weekends craziness. Should be tons o' fun! IM STOKED! Lovin you!


So long...

So I haven't updated this in a long time... I appologize. I did fly home last month to see the little bro play football in the State Tourney. Although they lost they are still 2nd in the state, and it was so good to see him play. At least he still has one more year left in High School, so hopefully I'll be able to see him play again next year. Being with all my friends at their University was BAD ASS! I stayed with my parents Thursday night in the hotel, and they left to go home on Friday after the game. But I just stayed in Madison with all my friends. I stayed with Kimberly Friday and Saturday nights. Wow... I'm never going to complain about the dorms we have here. Her dorm is about the size of our bathrooms. It was insane! I was so claustrophobic it was pathetic. But at least it looked cute I guess. haha Kimberly. And her roomate is very nice and sweet... and didn't really care when we came back to the room drunk off our asses haha... Friday night Casey had a party at her place. Her apartment is very nice. I liked it a lot. Ok... so i was really drunk that night. No puking tho, so thats very good. But I totally had 8 glasses of wine and 5 shots. Never have been drunk off wine, kind of a fun thing cause when you play drinking games with wine, you get drunk really fast. haha

So then Saturday night we went to Kimberly's friend Jake's house. Totally gay... funny kid! Kimberly got drunk by playing the all-time favorite game 8's! Gotta love it Passint! Liz (her best friend) is such a character.. shes a fun girl. And hope they can come see me during their Spring Break. Cuase that would be hella fun!

Alright... so now for some recent news. This past week... i've been drunk Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. CRAZY! monday was with Lauren and Lindsey at Stork's and then to some Corps guys apartment to play some drinking games. Which I lost, and would explain why i was so fucked up. I puked the whole way home... thank god we just walked there since it was like 3 blocks from the Loft. I guess I was pretty funny tho... so thats always a good thing. Then on Tuesday was the "End of the Semester Party" out at the Levy. I showed off let me tell you. Did 4 beer bongs... and it was damn sweet. My dad would be proud. I actually think I called him and told him, which is even more funny. Didn't puke this night, so thats good. Corey then came over at like 3 when I got home and we watched a movie and fell asleep. I'm glad he's here when I'm drunk. haha. Thanks fishy!

Well Wednesday night it was my turn to take care of him. I just had 2 drinks at the bar. WHICH I TOTALLY GOT INTO! I told them my liscense was revoked, so.. I dind't have an ID. haha... Corey laughed his ass off. It was a good time. It was for Cricket's 21st b-day.. so it was fun. Corey was SMASHED, which is always a funny thing to see. Then him and I hit up Whataburger. Very interesting... then finally went and crashed at his house.

My suitemate Vanessa colored me a picture of a cheese block since I'm from Wisconsin. I hung it up by my desk. Its a beautiful piece of work Ness. Way to Go!

I had my first final this morning which blew ass. I HATE CALCULUS! I went and cried to my prof this morning tho before the exam pleading him to pass me while I was crying. So I hope to god it worked, or things will not look good. So the remainder of the night will be spent studying for Chemistry until Corey gets off work at 12:30, then off to a party. :) The rest of the weekend will be spent studying as well. My last 2 finals are both on Monday, and then I AM DONE! Gosh, can't wait. Suzanne has a finals up until Wednesday, so we can't leave to drive back to Kansas until Thursday, and then I fly out of Kansas on Saturday. Very excited for both. It will be a good time. Can't wait to be in the damn snow. Been too long!

Well... have a wonderful night/weekend. Good luck with Studying and all of the finals! May Peace be with yall! Chunk Deuce! (Thats for Lauren)




So it rained today. The rain makes me want to stay inside all day, and watch movies. But I can't do that on Mondays because I have 5 classes. Which sucks ass, but oh well.

I fly to Madison on Thursday!!! I'm super excited, and can't wait to see Derek play in the State Football Tourney! And to see all my friends and family. So I get into Mad-Town at 4 on Thursday, and I'll stay with my parents in the hotel room Thursday night, and then my parents are leaving sometime Friday night to go back to Rice Lake because Saturday is the Hunting Opener, and we all know that that is a big thing! So Friday and Saturday will be spent partying it up in Madison with all my friends. Not quite sure where I'm staying yet. Maybe one night with Kimberly, and the other with Casey? Who knows. All I know is that everyone is stoked I'm coming into town, along with me! And I'm very excited I get to watch Derek play. Cause I hear he's pretty damn amazing to watch. So it will be a good weekend, I can feel it already.

Happy 21st Birthday to Corey today! Love you Fishy!

Tomorrow is the Metallica Concert that I've been waiting for since I bought the tickets in July! It's Corey's birthday present from me, so I hope it will go as planned. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm a little nervous about Godsmack opening up, I'm not really into the whole Head banging type of music they play... but it will be interesting.

Tonight will be the first night I've slept in my dorm room since Wednesday of last week. Crazy huh. It'll be nice to curl up to all of my pillows. :)

College Station was a huge success this past weekend. Way to beat the hell out of texas tech!! Damn good weekend. Many memories. I hope to finish up a camera in Madison this weekend, and then I'll figure out how to post pictures on my website, so yall can see.

Alright, i'm gonna make it up into bed now. Nighty Night!



So I appologize that I haven't wrote FOREVER!! I've been kinda busy... kinda just lazy I guess. I've been spending a lot of time with some new girls. Lindsey and Lauren. And let me tell you, I'm so glad that I've been able to be spending more time with these fun girls! I have a BLAST with them. Lastnight after class, I went over to their loft and for some reason we just decided to start playing a drinking game. Well, we all got drunk. And then Corey came and picked us up, and we went to a movie. DON'T go see "Birth" the new Nicole Kidman flick. It is TERRIBLE! If you've seen the previews for the movie, that is the movie. I'm not joking... its absolutely terrible. A waste of my money. I fell asleep in it. Or... maybe I passed out.. haha one or the other.

A&M almost beat OU last weekend. It was an amazing game. And I had SO MUCH fun! Although I lost my voice, and it is still not completely back. This weekend is the last home game vs. Texas Tech. Its a big game! We are both 6-3. It should be a damn good game, and I'm excited for it. Me, Corey, Lindsey, Lauren, Al, Suzanne, Ty, and Ash. So it should be a good time. Let's just hope that it all goes well.

I could be flying home a week from today! If Derek wins on Saturday then the team makes it to state!!! And I get to fly home for it. So lets all pray that he wins, cause I would really like to go home for a couple of days. I miss it up there. One more month to go until break tho.... so that is a good thing.

Classes have been rough lately. Calculus is always a bitch. And Chemistry is starting to get a little confusing. I just have to start studying more.

Well enough for now... i'll try to be better about updating this! Gig Em'



So I haven't updated this in awhile, and I'm sorry. I've been insanley busy. My mom was here this past weekend. And that was awesome. More on that later. Tomorrow I have two exams that I've been preparing for all fucking week. But, it's T minus 30 minutes until game time. Astro's vs. Cards in Game 7 to go the World Series. And the Astro's are going to win tonight. I'll write more after these exams are over with tomorrow. C'mon STROS!!!!



well lets see... its 8:36 am.... on Sunday. And I haven't gone to bed. well actually.... I passed out for about 3 hours. I passed out at a party lastnight and Travis told me he was never ever going to go to another party that I was at again if I didnt wake up. haha. And now.. i'm just wide awake. And Suzanne and Al are making out in bed. I'm sitting here on my computer "clicking" away, trying to piss them off. But they just keep laughing at me.

The Aggies beat the hell outta Iowa State yesterday. 34-3. Gig Em'
Wisconsin knocked off Ohio State 24-13. I am so excited about that.
But Minnesota lost to Michigan, so thats no good. But t.u. got beat by OU 12-0. . First time they've been shutout since 1980.

So Al and Suzanne are still making out in bed. They're pretty loud kissers. Thats alright tho, next time I have a boy in my bed, I'm going to kiss loud too.... so then she knows what it feels like. :)

Today will be spent doing Chemistry Lab homework. Cause I got a lot of it. And I'll probably finish up my project for Health and Fitness.
Ok.. well I'm goign to go watch a movie now. Bye for now.


Where to begin...


So.. I haven't wrote in awhile, I appologize but I've been extremely busy. First order of business is that the Aggies knocked off Kansas State 42-30 on Saturday. God, what a fun game to be at! We left Galveston at 1:00, got to College Station at 3 and tailgated until 5:30, went into the game drunk and then watched the Aggies kick some major ass. Left the game with 10 minutes to spare since we were driving back to Galveston that night, because Suzanne's manager and 2 of his friends were going to be in Galveston cause they were leaving for a cruise on Sunday. So... they got here Saturday night sometime, and finally met up with them when we got back to G-Town at Midnight. We all went out to Kimmy's bday party at her beach house. Drank, Drank, and Drank. We were all doing really good. I had 23 jello shots, and 5 beers. I was doing good. Then we went back to Clark's house at about 4, and played Drunken Mario Kart. :) Fun stuff.

Sunday = sleeping all day! And then doing homework that night.

This week has been going good so far. RyAnn and her 2 friends are coming down from TCU on Thursday and staying until Sunday. So that shall be fun! Since its Wednesday that means its POKER NIGHT! And Abby will get to take everyone's money! So I'm excited for that.

Thursday = Ford's Pub. That will always be interesting to go to. Well, I'm off to Calculus class and then to lunch, and then some MAJOR nappy time! So... i'll close for now! Gig Em'